Budapest Sustainability Jam

I’m co-organising the first Sustainability Jam in Hungary. It’s part of a global event stretching 100+ cities worldwide and aims to spread knowledge about service design.

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Walnut Zen

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Crocheting, moms and social objects

My wife is attending a local crocheting club of ten stay at home moms.
They are assembling weekly at a local bakery with kids. And talk. A little crocheting, a lot of family life and local going ons. They even have an email list to keep in touch while away.

Crocheting is a social object.

They are even fully aware of it. As one of the founding members said: “I want to have a local community of strangers, as the ones we could rely on are far away.” Note the lack of mentioning crocheting. We live in the agglomeration of the capital. Families are moving here from all over the country.

I have a passion of collecting social objects ignited by Hugh MacLeod so you can expect more of these.

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